While discussing with one of our doctors for the first time the possibility of outsourcing medical billing for his practice, he was quick to say “We do it all in-house to save money”. He went on to mention he partnered up with 6 other doctors and together they have 13 offices. They have an office building they rent dedicated to handling the billing.

I asked why he thought it was more economical this way and if they had ever done a comparison. He said it had been years but they all know it costs more to hire an outside company.

What’s up Doc!!!  This is a misconception. Not every case is the same but if you have an office building you have rent to pay, utilities, and payroll w/benefits, continuous training and whatever else. I am confident the numbers are closer than you think. Our services start at only 3.9 percent. It is not a bad idea to look at your numbers again. I shared this information and his eyes lit up. We have found that often this misconception is what keeps people from even considering other options.

Once the numbers come in he will be surprised, as you might be, and should take a minute to ponder the possibilities. With the government expecting so much, lawyers seeking any chance at money, and patients often running to them, you need a good ally.

Doctors, you have all gone through hell and back to get to the point where you can open a practice. I admire you all for your tenacity and desire to help others, not to mention you won’t faint at the sight of blood as I might. But when it comes to running a business, there is not a college around that can prepare you for what it takes to run your own no matter what business that might be.

Many a business fails because the owners will not seek help. Running a medical practice can take a toll on anyone. The pressures are great, the risks are high, and the rewards can quickly dry up with one bad incident. So what’s up Doc?

Doctors are often so used to taking charge they think they have to do everything. They take pride in what they do but they can burn themselves out with undue anxiety trying to do it all.

Now more than ever independent practitioners need to surround themselves with good people, delegate tasks and stop micromanaging. Then watch their business transform like a flower that will give you the ability to RELAX and live life. Stress KILLS Docs too.

A good billing company will be transparent, affordable, quick to provide reports and handle your accounts receivable and denial tasks with the same ease you identify pink eye in a patient.

To all good doctors everywhere, the reasons to outsource medical billing are many, and so are the rewards. You would not trust a new receptionist to perform a medical procedure. That’s is best left to those who have the experience. The same logic applies to medical billing. Let those who can focus on their core competency do what they do best.

Here is what you have to gain: a good company like RPS MedServ will help you not only to get paid more, faster but can help you get and stay compliant with HIPAA. Help you with collections, with supplies, and everything you need to run lean and efficient and maximize your profits. Giving you more time with your patients will result in a better practice with healthier patients and doctors.

So what’s up Doc? Relax, find a good billing company to partner with and watch your practice turn more profitable and your life more relaxing. RPS Medserv can help. At RPS MedServ we believe if we put your needs ahead of ours, they both will be met. WWW.rpsmedserv.com just a click away to a better day.

Whats Up Doc?