Whats a HIPAA?

Whats a HIPAA?

While introducing myself and our consulting services to health care offices I kindly asked what the policy was to get to present my business offerings to the Doctors and or office manager. The employee told me we simply need to be scheduled and bring in lunch for everyone so they can have a working lunch while I do the presentation to everyone. I explained I was a consultant and would be talking about business performance and doctors typically like to keep that personal. She said ok then just bring lunch for the 2 doctors I would be meeting with and put me on the schedule 2 weeks away.

As the date approached we called in to confirm and this time the person who answered said “Oh yes please just provide me with your email so I can send you the lunch request for the 8 office employees.” I explained again that I had talked about this and was told only to bring lunch for the 2 doctors I was meeting with. I explained I was not a pharma rep and was scheduled to speak with the doctors about performing a free performance analysis of their office to identify possible improvements that will make the practice more money, save money or ensure they are in compliance.

The person then paused for a moment and said you know what, it looks like the doctors are too busy to meet with you on this date. I quickly said ok so please reschedule me. She then responded well they are not interested in your services. To which I replied “how can you know that if you have not met with me yet to know what they are?” Also one of the doctors was there when visiting and asked to make sure the office got our information.  She said well we are not interested and would just like to cancel. I then said ok but before we do can I ask to speak to the HIPAA compliance officer. She then said “To Who?” I repeated the HIPAA compliance officer. She said “What is that?” I said ok well can I speak to the office manager. She said well that would be me. I replied “so you don’t know what HIPAA is? She said what is this a test? I don’t know what you are talking about but we are not interested we don’t need any HIPAA’s Thank You and hung up.

This was a 3 doctor practice in the heart of a very prominent city. I was in disbelief and just wanted to share this as I did not realize how many practices do not have the basic understanding of HIPAA.

I honestly believe that if I offer to help practices and put their needs first our own needs will be taken care of as well.

If anyone can offer a better way to get to talk to doctors I am all ears. I am concerned about their practice but with office managers like this as the gate keepers what can one do?

What’s a HIPAA?